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Wolf Tooth Pogies

Wolf Tooth Pogies




  • Patent-pending design with 3 distinct warmth settings:
    • Warmest: Cuff up, zipper closed
    • Warmer: Cuff up, zipper open
    • Warm (we call this singletrack mode): Cuff folded down
      • ideal for singletrack and groomed trail ridingbecause you can get your hands in and out quickly
      • the pogie comes up to your wrist in this setting with a wide opening
  • water proof and durable rip-stop nylon construction (seams are not sealed but pogies is all but dunkable waterproof)
  • quick install and remove via our proprietary quarter turn bar plug mounting system with stainless steel hardware (bar plugs INCLUDED with pogies)
  • super light weight at 280 grams for the pair of pogies.