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Thomson Elite Seatpost

Thomson Elite Seatpost


Thomson Elite Seatpost Thomson Elite Seatpost



Full 100% American Made Seatpost! The Thomson Elite seatpost is 40% stronger than other seat posts on the market and weights less than other aluminum posts as well. Thomson uses a single piece of hight strength 7000 series aluminum and machines a natural ellipse interior bore to save weight without decreasing the strength. Also, they do not press or bond the head, which creates a stronger/lighter product. The Thomson Elite also as a long 1.6 inch rail grip to prevent rail bending from impact, which is about 1 inch longer than most other posts. Proven to withstand 250 foot-lbs of torque at the seat tube clamp, where other posts fail at 150 foot-lbs or less. The Thomson might not be the cheapest on the market, but it will last you the longest!

Approximate Weight - 188g = 250mm / 228g = 330mm.