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Terrene Wazia

Terrene Wazia


Terrene Wazia Terrene Wazia Terrene Wazia



For some, boundaries are simply starting points. When convention becomes routine, there is a tire that will allow you to go beyond.

Wazia is our all-season, all-surface, go anywhere tire. From winter ice and snow to sandy beaches, and all of the trails in between. Wazia is fully studdable and available in Light, Tough, and studded versions in both 26×4.0 and 26×4.6.

Wazia. Ready to Ride.

Weight - 26x4.0 - Light = 1380g / Tough = 1580g / Studded Light = 1500g

              26x4.6 - Light = 1550g/ Tough = 1700g / Studded Light = 1673g