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Sram Rival 1 Type 2.1 11 Speed Rear Derailleur

Sram Rival 1 Type 2.1 11 Speed Rear Derailleur




Sram's Rival1 rear derailleur functions at its peak in cyclocross or gravel surrounding. The Rival 1 shares the same technology as the Force 1 but saves you some $$. With X Actuation and X Horizon, the Rival1 rear derailleur out performs other shifting systems. The X-Horizon derailleur knuckle only moves side-to-side — not up-and-down. This limits the movement to the horizontal axis, making ghost shifting nonexistent. Also, the derailleur upper pulley is offset, which provides a constant chain gap through all of the gear ratios. With the combined efforts of the X-sync chainring, pulley wheels, and a Roller Bearing Clutch, a chain guide isn't needed with your drivetrain. Your chain is tensioned with the derailleur and locked in place with the pulleys and chainring. Combining the Roller Bearing Clutch and parallelogram design means that you'll never get chain slap. The derailleur is also made to withstand repeated hits while you're navigating through a rough terrain in order to eliminate the chance of throwing the chain. The Rival 1 derailleur also comes equipped with the lock out button, allowing you to make wheels swaps or any fix ups a breeze. 

Sram's Rival 1 rear derailleur can only work with 1x11 set up with, with Sram's 11 speed road shifter. 

Warranty - 2 years

Weight - 269g for medium cage

Max Front Chainring - 50

Cage Length - Long = 10-42 rear cassette / Medium = 11-36 rear cassette