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San Juan Large Matte Carbon

San Juan Large Matte Carbon




Change your lenses as fast as the Colorado weather with our San Juan style featuring the Magnetic Interchange System. This system allows you to swap out lenses in two simple steps which can be done with the goggles securely on your face and without ever having to take your gloves off. 8 rare earth magnetic contact points between the lens and the frame create an airtight seal and seamless lens & frame integration. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Effortlessly pull off the existing lens using the tab in the bottom corner of the lens

Step 2: Hold the replacement lens up to the frame as the magnets align and connect 


Available in:

  • Matte Carbon with an Amber lens with a Red Zaio Mirror
  • Matte Black with an Amber lens with a Green Zaio Mirror 

Performance Features:

  • Comes with a bonus magnetic lens for low light conditions (Yellow - VLT 55%)
  • Double-layer anti-fog lens with a hydrophobic coating to repel moisture 
  • High impact polycarbonate lens materials for durability 
  • Spherical lens for increased peripheral vision and optical precision