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Salsa Cowbell 2

Salsa Cowbell 2


Salsa Cowbell 2 Salsa Cowbell 2



The Cowbell 2 bar brings little changes from the traditional road bar, but has significant benefits. The 12-degree flare at the drops offers increased leverage and stability when things get loose, while still preserving aerodynamics and a typical drop bar brake/shifter feel. All these things make the Cowbell bar the wise choice for gravel racing and riding, especially in wide-open country with a lot of exposure to wind.

The Cowbell 2 is the same design as the Cowbell 3. The Cowbell 2 however is made from 7075 double butted aluminum, making it stiffer, stronger and a lighter handlebar. 

Weight - 281g

Bar Clamp - 31.8mm

Drop - 126mm

Reach - 76mm

Style - Compact Drop