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Prologo Scratch M5 Tirox

Prologo Scratch M5 Tirox


Broken Spoke Bike Studio


Thanks to the new design, size and ergonomic ´´T SHAPE´´, SCRATCH M5 is suitable for Man / Woman. The size is 250 x 140mm and the weights vary depending by the model: the Nack PAS version is only 129gr, while the Tirox PAS version is 185gr.

Discover more:
- 4.0 Technology.
- T-shape.
- Ergonomic design.

Multi sector system:
- The Multi-Sector System provides different individual zones mapped and separated along the saddle, each composed of different interactive foams and single-cell padding. These areas work independently adapting to all the positions that cyclist can take.

Base material Carbon long fiber:
- This material improves the stability of the saddle base, providing reduced pressure and less reaction during the push & pull phase. In combination with the Tirox Rail the saddle guarantees excellent performance and comfort.

More ergonomic:
- The foam follows the cyclist in the riding phase, supporting the leg thrust in both directions.