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K-Edge Combo 31.8mm Mount

K-Edge Combo 31.8mm Mount


K-Edge Combo 31.8mm Mount K-Edge Combo 31.8mm Mount K-Edge Combo 31.8mm Mount



K-Edge had developed a advanced co-polymer Garmin insert that locks your computer in place with strength and security. Designed and tested extensively so that our replaceable insert breaks away instead of your computer tabs in the event of a crash or mishap. K-EDGE provides free replacement inserts, as needed. 

The Combo Mount holds your action camera out of the way, out of sight and centered over your front wheel. But it’s the strength of the aluminum and it’s advanced design that allows this mount to actually improve your video clarity. The strength of the mount keeps it perfectly rigid and removes the flex that, although small, results in blurry video footage.

The K-EDGE XL mount allows you to run your EDGE 1000 in standard vertical view mode or landscape mode. The mount’s plastic insert is easily removed and reset 90 degrees in the mounts second set of holes. Note, if you choose to run landscape mode - the combo camera adapter will not fit on the bottom of this mount.

The shorter regular size accommodates Garmin Edge 500, 510 and 520, while the longer XL version is designed for the Edge 800, 810 and 1000. 

Made in the USA

• Places Garmin computer on top and camera below
• Fits all Edge® computers and GoPro interface cameras
• Center, out front and rock solid locking system
• Improves video by removing plastic mount shake
• Compatible: 31.8mm diameter handlebars, 100% carbon bar safe
• Colors: Anodized Black
• Weight: 48 grams