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Hammer Perpetuem Solids Chews

Hammer Perpetuem Solids Chews


Hammer Perpetuem Solids Chews



Every three tablets of Perpetuem Solids contain 100 calories, they’re super easy to chew and consume, they won’t “go bad” no matter what the weather, and they’re a complete and satisfying solid-food fuel source. You can use Perpetuem Solids with other Hammer Nutrition fuel source or, if desired, as a sole source of calories.

There are two caveats that need to be mentioned:

    1. Perpetuem Solids are not meant to be dissolved in water. Just chew, swallow, and wash them down with water or any liquid Hammer Nutrition fuel.
    2. Although the tablets break apart very easily in the mouth, people with dentures or delicate teeth should use caution when using Perpetuem Solids.
  • Fresh & tasty even in the heat
  • Steady, reliable energy
  • Convenient and easy to carry
  • Caffé Latte contains caffeine

        - Made In USA

        - No Simple Sugars

        - Gluten Free

        - Vegan Certified 

        - MSG Free