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Continental Gator Hardshell

Continental Gator Hardshell


Continental Gator Hardshell Continental Gator Hardshell



The Continental Gator Hardshell tires are made to last with a high milage and puncture resistance which pair together to make up this fast-rolling road tire. Made with DuraSkin polyamide fabric to ensure excellent sidewall protection without compromising weight or ride quality. Smooth in the center and grippy on the sides where you need it most. The Gator Hardshell has the same design as the Gatorskin but with a casing-ply overlap that covers more of the sidewall than normal and an extra-wide PolyX breaker. This provides extra side wall protection and puncture resistance. The hardshell was designed for commuting, touring and a serious training tires that is durable and provides a superior cornering traction in any condition. 

We seen people get 5,000 miles on the rear tire and they are still going strong! Which makes the affordable $50 investment well worth it. 

PSI - 116

TPI - 180

Bead - Clincher 

Weight - 350g for 28c