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Carb BOOM!

Carb BOOM!




At Boom! Nutrition, we believe that the best energy gel is one you’re happy to integrate into your training.  After all, what good is an energy gel if it’s a chore to eat? That’s why we’re pleased to offer a selection of 6 tasty flavors that our specialists at Boom! Nutrition have put together.

  • Vanilla Orange – Our signature energy boost flavor! Tangy tangerine and real vanilla flavor make this gel a real favorite. This dreamy creamsicle surely won’t put you to sleep - Vanilla Orange is enhanced with the perfect amount of caffeine and kola nut extract, which makes it a perfect choice for early-morning training or for when you just need that extra boost.
  • Raspberry – One of life’s simple pleasures. Raspberry is an all-around crowd pleaser. Not too sweet and not too sour. Perfect for the berry lover in all of us.
  • Apple Cinnamon – This energy gel is a winner with our athletes. Crisp and juicy red apple and the bite of real cinnamon combine to create a real flavor sensation. Tart and familiar, fans of orchard-fresh cider or grandma’s apple pie will love this flavor.
  • Banana Peach – This delicate and aromatic fruit blend begins with a strong banana note and ends in a tangy, stone-fruit finish. The sweet and sour balance each other perfectly in this smooth flavor.
  • Grape Pomegranate – This rush of bold fruit flavor delights with its sweet-tart finish. Juicy white grape and crisp pomegranate pair perfectly with each other.
  • Strawberry Kiwi – Absolutely our juiciest flavor. Each taste is a burst of mouthwatering tanginess from the sweet strawberry and playful kiwi. This flavor is great to combat that mid-run dry mouth feeling.