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2018 Salsa Beargrease Carbon NX1

2018 Salsa Beargrease Carbon NX1




Keeping it light and simple. The 2018 Salsa Beargrease is now set up with Sram NX1 Drive train and Hayes mechanical brakes. The full carbon frame and fork takes fat biking to another level with saving weight and having a lot of fun while riding.The Beargrease is a great option with the 177 rear end and front fork 15x150, which is becoming the new front standard for fat bikes. Also the retro black and red fade paint scheme spices things up for this year as well. Being able to fit 29+ or even a 5 inch tires on a 80mm rim, the Beargrease is best fitted for most styles of fat biking. This year the NX1 model features 27.5x3" tires from Maxxis with Sun Ringle Mulefut Rims and a new color scheme. 

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Weight 27 lbs for Meduim