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Walker Ranch, Coloardo

08 November, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

 Walker Ranch is just west of Boulder if you follow up one of the most popular roads to bike up, Flagstaff Road. The trail offers a great 8 mile loop at a intermediate difficulty. The trail at Walker Ranch has a few technical areas, but for the most part is flows really well with a lot of climbing and descending. The trail is mostly single track with a great scenery. Starting at the top of the mountain you hit the open land scape, work your way into the lower level pines, follow the creak for a while and then come back out into the open landscape to see miles around you. 

This was the first snow fall of the year, which ranged from no snow to 3 inches in places. 

There is a few different ways you can ride this trail since there a pretty tough hike a bike section in the middle of the loop. You can either ride the full loop either clockwise or counter clockwise, or you can ride to the hike a bike part of the trail and then head back or you can do the ultimate ride of Super Walker, which consists of riding from Boulder, up Flagstaff road and to Walker Ranch Loop. We ended up doing Super Walker that day plus a little more. We got a great 40 miles in with 5,400 feet of climbing. 

                West side of Walker Ranch Trail coming up towards the trail head. 

After we made the climb up Flagstaff and did the full Walker Ranch clockwise we started to head back down. We started going back down Flagstaff road and instead of going down the road, we turned left onto a gravel path right before Realization Point. This was a old washed out fire road that went down the backside of the mountain. The trail was fun to bomb down and there were parts of the road that was washed out in the middle. There gullies went down about 3 ft and you could pop in and out of them which made it even more fun. This gravel road leads down to Canyon Rd or Hwy 119. Our plan was to connect over to Betasso Trail which was right up the road, but we called it a day since we still had quite a few miles back home and the sun was coming down quick. 

Walker Ranch is free to park at the trail head and is great for Hiking, Biking or Horse back riding. And your sure to some some wild life when out on the trail. 

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