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Powhite Park Trail Review Richmond, VA

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Powhite Park is located in Virginia and has about 8 miles of single track that is easily accessible with parking. Powhite Park is located South of Downtown Richmond, right off Hwy 150 and Jahnke Road. The trail design meets the needs for everyone, with trails for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. Most of the trails are pretty with smooth with tight turns and berms that make the trail flow nicely. 

The trail design is pretty simple, there is a an outer loop, which is the easiest trail for beginners that connects all the interior trails. On the interior trails there are some more intermediate climbs/descends and some short expert downhill sections. There are also some intermediate rock drops, obstacles, rock gardens and tree root sections throughout the whole park. It will take a few laps to figure out how all the trails connect, flow and lead out, but since it is a shorter trail it is easier to explore without getting to tired.

One of the best parts of this trail system is the flow section that is built into a dried up creek. The trails flows in, out and all around the creek bed. Dropping into it like a half pipe, this trail offers large berms, rollers and flow sections that is super fun to ride. Aside from this trail the outer trail is the best maintained trail that offers a little bit of everything and at the end of the outer trail comes the fun creek bed. 

Powhite Park is great for family rides, learning to ride mountain bikes, and just a great training ride to work on bike handling skills. There are local organizations that teaches mountain bike skills to children.  You can find more information with trail map, directions and trail conditions at: richmond-more.org

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