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Tubeless Tool - Prestacycle Mini Prestaflator

26 December, 2017

     Recently I had to swap over quite a few fat bike and CX tires for winter set ups. I was tired of fumbling around with the screw on presta adaptor so I could use the stock attachment for my schrader head on my air compressor. I also didn't want to spend a fortune on the Parktool shop head. That's when I found the Prestacycle Prestaflator Mini Inflation Tool. 

     I was hopeful that this would make my life so much easier, since I'm sure most of you know setting up tires tubeless straight out of the box is usually pretty difficult. I found that the Prestacycle has a tighter seal around the valve and with out use of an adapter it allows more air to enter into the tire. Also the seal is replaceable so once it does wear out it can be easily replaced. Another nice feature on the Mini Prestaflator is the air flow lever. The lever does have a variable flow head which is nice feature to allow the amount of air needed to enter the tire. For tubeless set up press the lever all the way to get the most amount of air entering the tire. The Mini Prestaflator is a nice size that is easy to handle and use while still being lightweight. 

     Setting up the tubeless tires was much easier with the Prestacycle Mini Prestaflator. The compressor head is build nicely and affordable. If your using a compressor and having a hard time with tubeless set ups the Mini Prestaflator is a great recommendation and a helpful tool to get those beads set into place. 

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