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Tested: Teravail Kennebec 29+ tires

23 January, 2018

  By: Pete Karinen

With the ever growing popularity of plus size bikes we set out to test some of the tire options available. Teravail is a new company that launched in 2017. They don't have a huge line up, but there are a few promising looking options. One of which is the Teravail Kennebec tire. 

I've been riding Teravail's super aggressive Kennebec tire. The Kennebec comes in both 27.5+ and 29+. There is also a durable or light and supple casing option. I tested the durable option and was not disappointed! While it's on the heavy side, it may just be the most durable tire out there. (And let's be honest, if you were overly concerned about weight you wouldn't be riding a plus bike.) Over the last couple weeks I've put several hundred miles on them in Tucson, AZ. (Tucson is known for flat tires)  and had zero flats.

The first thing I noticed with this tire is how well it set up tubeless. The bead was super easy to mount on my 509 Cycles carbon rims and could actually be set up with just a floor pump. This will be rim dependent of course but it's always nice to see.

Ride impressions: In just the first couple miles of trail I was pleased how well the tires cornered and not just because of the super aggressive tread. One benefit to plus tires with a thicker sidewall is better tracking through corners. You may be thinking, doesn't a more supple tire corner better? This is true for most tires (road, cx, mtb) but with the plus size tires, you run such low pressures with such high volume that using ultra light casings can give a very squirrelly feeling. The Kennebecs felt very predictable and offered huge amounts of grip.

Bottom line: If you're looking for an aggressive plus tire and you value durability more than weight, this would be a great option!


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