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Tested: Maxxis Rekon 29+ tires

20 February, 2018

By: Pete Karinen

With the introduction of many 2.6 tire options, some may argue what qualifies as "Plus size". To me plus sizes start at 2.6 because at this width you can no longer safely run them on traditional XC rims.

While the Maxxis Rekon is only labeled a 2.6 to start with, at first glance it looks even smaller. On our wide 45mm test rim it measured 2.5 but true to Maxxis tires stretching, they measured a full 2.6 after a few rides.

The reason they look smaller is because the sidewalls are slightly shorter than many plus tires. Less sidewall height means less sidewall flex, and less sidewall flex means Maxxis can get away with a lightweight casing and not have a squirrelly feeling tire.

On a side note if you're interested in running 2.6 tires, I would recommend a rim between 30mm and 40mm. They can be run on wider rims (like the 45mm carbon rims we've been testing on) but this will expose more rim material to rocks. A slightly narrower rim will also give your tire a more round profile for better use of the tires side nobs.

Conclusion: The Rekon was easily one of my favorite plus size tires out of the several I've tested. It reminded me a lot of the Maxxis Icon XC tire. Good rolling paired with great corning and a lightweight but durable casing made it a great all around tire option. An especially good option for anyone that might be racing on plus size wheels and is concerned with weight.

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