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Terrene Johnny 5 Studdable Tires First Look

21 November, 2018

Terrene has been making fat bike tires for a couple years now with some very solid options. Though one thing they have lacked in the past has been a large volume tire.

This changes with the newly introduced Johnny 5. Although labeled as a 5", when mounted on our test wheels (Hed 100mm) they measure out to 4.8". The Johnny 5 is available in a stud-less version for $140 or studded version for $260. Here at Broken Spoke we are also offering a version with our own in house stainless studs at $200.

Our Custom in house stainless studs

Our custom in house stainless studs.

With super tall paddle lugs and 320 studs, this looks to be a great new option for riders looking for the most stability and traction in all conditions from soft single-track to extreme ice. We found the weight listed on Terrenes' website to be in line with the tires we weighed at 1700g (unstudded) and 1800g (studded).

Stay tuned for a full review to come once we get them in some snowy conditions!

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