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Ride Fat Bikes CA Sizing Chart

15 November, 2016

Ride Fat Bikes CA has a great resource for comparing fat bike frame fitting. Whether you want to find a better fitting bike for yourself or looking to upgrade while keeping the same fit. The stack and reach chart on there site will help you do so. Frame sizing is very important to make sure your comfort on the bike is optimized. This will further prevent joint and back pain but it will also allow you to get the right frame for the style of riding you prefer. 

All the measurements on the picture above affect how the frame feels and handles. Ride Fat Bikes CA goes more in depth into how the geometry and sizing works. There site has more to it than just the frame sizing. The FAQ page compares forks, tire widths and rims, which is a very helpful resource. There is also a lot of helpful information about fat bikes and parts to check out as well. 

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