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Review - Raceface Turbine R Dropper Post and Lever

06 December, 2018

The Fox Transfer dropper post is one of the most popular out there. Since Fox and Raceface are now under the same ownership, Raceface took the Fox transfer to rebrand under the Turbine R.This solved the issues that Raceface was having with other models of their dropper posts. But there are a few differences between the Fox Transfer and the Raceface Turbine R. 


The dropper post itself is the same except you can't get the Turbine R with the Kashima Coat. Because of that some of us will still go for the Fox. But where Raceface did step it up in making the dropper so much better is in the lever. I didn't think there could be much difference in levers except for the shape of the paddle. I was completely wrong. I've been running the Fox Transfer with the Fox Lever on my full suspension bike for just over a year. Any review out there will tell you the Fox Transfer is a great post and I would have to agree. But the Fox lever on the other hand does need some work after now riding the Turbine R dropper and lever on my fat bike. 

Now back to the lever! Raceface makes the lever paddle bigger for easier access and positioned the lever so the cable routing is smoother. There are two major updates on the Raceface lever. The first is they got ride of the 2mm allen to tighten the cable and instead went with a T25 bolt. This makes it so much easier to access along with tightening the cable. Second and most important is the lever actuation. The Turbine R lever is more stable but also has been lever pull sensitivity. The Fox Lever you just had to hammer it all the way in to make the dropper go up or down. But with the new Raceface Turbine R lever you can easily feel the cable stroke to make your dropper perform how you want it with less effort. 

To top it off, the new Raceface Turbine R lever does comes in several colors that makes color coordinating a breeze. So now that Raceface took the Fox Transer post and rebranded it, I really think it's time for Fox to get rid of the old lever and rebrand the Raceface lever. This way everyone can get better performance out of the dropper post! 

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