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Review - Giro Synthe MIPS Helmet

24 October, 2016


Finding the right helmet is just as important when riding, no matter how much you plan on being on your bike. Each brand of helmet has a slightly different fit. I've tired out Lazer and Bern for a bit, but after a few rides I didn't like the fit or I couldn't get them to rest on my head properly at all. Then found the Giro Savant MIPS and I really like the venting and fit of the helmet. I rode with the Savant helmet for just over a season, I decided to upgrade to the Giro Synthe MIPS helmet for a few reasons. 

After ordering the Synthe Helmet I watched the video that I posted above. I know what goes into making a bike and other products, but I was pretty blown away with the about of time and work that went into the Synthe and other helmets (take time to watch it!). After watching the video I didn't feel as guilty spending a little bit more money on a helmet that will last several seasons to come. 


I wanted to upgrade my helmet for a few reasons. I was looking for a helmet that was a bit lighter, more comfortable and that vented better. The Synthe fitted all those things that I wanted, after trying almost every helmet on that Giro, Bell, Bern and Lazer offers. A lot of people worry about the weight of there bike, but weight of a helmet I feel is just as important. The top weight can effect performance when on your bike, especially when your doing a long trip, race or any time on your bike. Along with weight comes comfort. When the helmet is lighter it is more comfortable, as long as the helmet fit correctly. The Synthe MIPS also has a better internal padding which is they call the X-Static pad, which is a different padding system that Giro offers in the Savant. The pad bubbles in and out with vent holes where it bubbles down around the front part of the helmet. This way your head can breathe better but more importantly it can create a form shape fit. 

Other key features that go into the Synthe Helmet is the MIPS technology. The MIPS interior lining of the helmet is proven to protect your head better with reducing rotational forces. The MIPS system shifts with the impact to cause less of the force onto your head to further prevent any damage that might be caused to the brain on impact (learn more about the MIPS system on Giro's website with there video). The Synthe helmet also has the Roc Loc Air adjustment system that allows you to easily adjust the size of the helmet and also the placement of there the back supports rest on your head. The Roc Loc is another way that Giro improves comfort and function when adjusting the size of your helmet when wearing a sweat or thermal cap underneath. And lastly if you watch the video, the Synthe helmets have 26 wind tunnel vents with internal channeling that is made up of a in-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner. This way the helmet is more aerodynamic while keeping your head from over heating. 


At first glance the Synthe helmet can be overlooked because of it's price tag. But the saying is true, "you get what you pay for". The Synthe helmet offers a lot of great features and will easily last you the 3-5 years that they recommend you replacing your helmet. And if something were to happen, Giro stands behind there products if anything were to arise. If your on a budget Giro just released the Cinder for Men and the Ember for Women. Both of these models share some of the technology that goes into the Synthe, but over $100 cheaper. 

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