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Review: ESI RCT Silicon Bar Tape

12 January, 2018

By: Pete Karinen

While it's not really new, I wanted to write about one of my personal favorite products.

The very first question most people ask if they've considered buying the ESI RCT bar wrap is is it worth the premium price ($41.95)? In my opinion, yes and here's four reasons why.

1. It lasts twice as long: If you're trying to justify it, cut that price in half because you won't have to replace your tape every month. 

2. Comfort: After bike fit, touch points are the most important factor in all-day riding comfort. The RCT wrap is easily the most comfortable tape I've ridden with. Gloves or no gloves, your hands will still feel fresh after those 4 and 5 hour days.

3. Installation and wrap quality: Unlike some tapes, the RCT wrap is very pliable and super durable which means you can get a super tight wrap that lasts without worrying about ripping the tape.

4. It's reversible: Ever want to replace your tape simply because it looks terrible? I'm not talking torn up, just dirty from months of use (especially cyclocross!). Sure bar tape is washable but only to a certain extent. The RCT wrap allows you to reverse the tape without replacing it entirely. 

I've been using this tape for a few months now on my personal bike and don't plan on switching anytime soon. The tape pictured on my 509 gravel bike is actually on its second life after several cyclocross races on my Niner BSB!


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