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08 June, 2017

I am an edurance athlete who has struggled with nutrition. Nutrition before, during, and after the race. Because I spend hours pounding the pavement when I run or churning out the miles while sitting on the back of a tandem when I race, I need to have my body in the best condition it can be. I have suffered from hands that have become so swollen during runs that I can not bend my fingers to severe headaches after races that I am debilitated to feeling so broken down that I end up with flu like symptoms. All of these things have led me to constantly be on the search for something that works. And recently, I have found that the women's line of Osmo products is quickly becoming my go to product. 

Osmo PreLoad Hydration

Because I do most of my events in warm to hot weather, I have to to be on top of my hydration and salt intake. Prior to my latest 50K in Portland, Oregon, I used Osmo's Preload Hydration for Women. The flavor is pineapple margarita. I had images of sipping my preload drink while feeling like I was lounging on a tropical island. I think it was the use of margarita in the title that led me to believe that would be the result. Unfortunately, that was not what happened. I took my first sip and went cross-eyed over how intensely salty it was. I set the drink aside only to be scolded immediately by my husband who told me to, "Drink it down." So drink it down I did. While there was no magical moment that night, I can say I had minimal swelling during the race. I also did not take or need any salt tablets which were the cause of my swelling during previous races. Score for the preload hydration. 

                                              Photo by Brian Macak

Zumbro 50 miler. "Piggie Hooves." Osmo Preload and Active Hydration has kept me from having this intensely painful swelling that I had the misfortune to encounter on my first 50 mile run.

 Osmo Active Hydration

Combined with the preload hydration the active hydration kept my body in balance and my sodium levels in check. The flavor is mango. I choose to make my mix light. Meaning I do not use the recommended amount with my water. I make the mix of mango and water strong enough to taste a light mango flavor but light enough to keep it from being overwhelming. As I go about my races, I find the heavier mix of the active hydration is too overwhelming for me. However the light mix is enough to give me a delightful addition to my water and allow my body to continue to endure.

Osmo Acute Recovery

I drink this immediately after I exercise. Whether it be a training run or ride or an actual event. In the short time I have been using it, I have come to rely on it completely. The flavor is Honey & Spice. Which sounded utterly horrible to me. Yet when I read the special recipes on the back for a honey mocha or a honey lassi, I thought, "Okay Osmo, I see you're trying. I'll try too." And I'm so happy I did. Since I have started using the acute recovery I have not had one headache. Not one! I went from having daily headaches that would send me to bed to just be able to get rid of them to having none. I also am not as wiped out physically after my workouts. And while I look forward to trying out Osmo's special recipes, I have not used them. I just mix the acute recovery with some water in a shaker bottle and drink up. 

                                                     Photo by Kari Scheppman

Osmo ActiveHydration in the hydration pack helped me endure Ore to Shore and gave me the energy to pull off a second place tandem finish.

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