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New! Planet Bike Air 18 Water Bottle Cage

05 January, 2018

By Pete Karinen

If I had to make a list of new products I'm not usually excited about, water bottle cages would definitely be near the top. For several years it has been the same, spend $40-$80 dollars on a lightweight carbon cage or settle for a heavier fiberglass cage. Of course there has always been the option to find lightweight Chinese carbon cages for a reasonable price, but let's be honest, they usually broke or didn't hold the bottles that well.

So I was hesitant when Planet Bike released their new alloy cage. At first glance it looked good at a price point of only $19.95 and weighing in at a mere 18g. It seemed as though it was sure to be a game changer. (For reference the popular Elite Vico carbon cage weighs in at 23g with a price tag of $45 while a Bontrager XXX cage weighs in at 19g and will set you back $80). That left one question, how would it perform?

I mounted a couple of Planet Bike's new alloy cages on my 509 Jabit and set out to put them to the test. I left the house with two bottles: one standard Purist bottle, and one Nalgene bottle that I've had trouble with in other cages. Over the duration of a 45 mile ride in the Tortilla mountains they exceeded all expectations with no noise, no dropped bottles, and extremely easy bottle access. I'm happy to say Planet Bike's Air 18 Water Bottle Cage exceeded my expectations. 

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