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New! Flex Togs and ESI Cr Fit grips

29 January, 2018

By: Pete Karinen

You've probably heard me say it before, and you'll probably hear me say it again. Comfort is everything. Simply put, being comfortable on the bike allows you to have more fun and ride longer. I've ridden hundreds of different grips and handlebar set ups but these are two products that really hit the mark for comfort and control.

The ESI CR Fit grips are a fairly new product. They use the same material as the popular Racers Edge and Chunky grip but have an ergonomic shape to fit your hand. When they were first released I was riding the standard Chunky grips which I thought were perfectly comfortable and didn't understand the need for a shaped grip until I tried them! The extra shaping of the grip really makes your hands feel right at home as soon as you grab the handlebars.

Another new product in the last couple years are Togs. Togs have become very popular for the added hand positions they offer. Last month they released a new revised version called Flex Togs. Just like the name implies, the tips of the new Togs are rubber which allow them to flex. This gives them more grip and makes them even more comfortable than before.

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