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Long term review: Sram GX Eagle Groupset

01 February, 2018

By: Pete Karinen

Back in July Sram released their latest 1X12 drivechain option, GX Eagle. Sram is always pushing to be the first company rolling out new technology. So while their new products may look great I'm always hesitant before spending at least a few months of quality testing. We've had the chance to set up several bikes in the shop with the new groupset and I've personally put several hundred miles on the new GX groupset.

First impressions: Just like XX1 and X01 Eagle, set up can be a little more finicky than most 11spd groupsets. The reason for this is because there is less margin for error with cable tension on the tightly spaced cassette and super narrow chain. This however will only last through the cable stretching period, where you'll constantly be turning the barrel adjuster 1/4 and 1/2 turns to dial in the shifting (usually about 100 miles).

Riding: After a few rides getting it dialed in, the shift quality is actually pretty impressive for a mid-range groupset. The derailleur I've been testing has also taken quite a few hits and is still shifting flawlessly. If you've not ridden the 12 speed Eagle before, you may be thinking the shifts would be choppy with a gear range this big but this is definitely not the case. With the addition of a 12th cog to get you up to the 50t, the shifting was surprisingly smooth with no huge transitional gaps. And the shifter itself in my opinion is actually much more crisp and solid feeling than previous GX 11 speed groups.

Bottom line: After months of testing I have been super impressed with the overall quality and durability for the price! At only $495 for the entire groupset including cranks, it's definitely one of the better options to consider!


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