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First Look: Archer DX1 Wireless MTB Shifting

04 April, 2018

By: Pete Karinen

Today I wanted to show an exciting new product I will be testing over the next couple weeks. The Archer DX1 wireless shifter system.

Electronic shifting has been available for a couple years now from Shimano and Microshift. Even Sram has now been working on a wireless mountain bike system. So what makes the Archer shift system special? It can be used on any existing cable pull derailleur!

Unlike other systems, the DX1 uses a chainstay mounted motor that pulls a short cable. This gives a clean wireless look up front and the quick easy shift action you would expect from an electric system. Pair that with the ability to run any derailleur and the DX1 could be one of the best options out there.

Stay tuned for a full report after some testing!

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