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Fat-Bike WORS Racing on the Salsa Beargrease

23 October, 2013


I completed my first WORS fat-bike open race (new category this year) this past weekend at Iola. This wasn’t the first time I raced a fat-bike in WORS. Last year I began my racing career on a 41lbs Surly Pug with a NuVinci drive train. After 5 races of chasing guys on their 29ers I decided to try out my Niner… Getting on the podium became easy and I ended up winning overall Citizen class for the year. I love riding fat and I love racing, but the Surly was way too fun to race. Over the winter the Salsa Beargrease was released and I got a hold of one for myself. It’s an amazing race machine, out of the box, weighing in at about 28-29lbs. I did a handful of winter races on it and I couldn’t have been more happy, with how the bike handled. Once I caught wind, that there was going to be a fat-bike open category in WORS, I knew this was going to be my focus for the year. I made some upgrades to the fat-bike by adding the new SRAM XX1 drive train, Salsa carbon bars/seat post, and going tubeless. Currently the Beargrease is weighing in at 26lbs.


Come race day at Iola, I was jacked to ride the fatty. The new fat-bike open category goes out with the Sport racers. The average race is about 15 miles. Not a very long race, but an all out, pedal-smashing-fest. I’m new to the MTB race scene and don’t have a lot of experience. In my mind, I just think “pedal fast”. I’ve learned that warming up, hydrating, and pacing are paramount to success, when it comes to mountain bike racing, however, at the start of the race, I ignored all the strategies, that I had planned, like (find the fast guy and follow behind) and took off wheelie fast! A quarter lap into the race my heart was pounding (185 average and 194 Max) and I was getting passed by the field. I tried to keep a good tempo but I couldn’t recover from my exuberant start. At about the 3/4 mile point, I went over the bars on a rooty descent. After crashing, I told myself, I’m out of the race and relaxed and finished (6th of 8). I rode the next two laps at a good pace, and launched some big air where ever I could. :) This was definitely a race that I learned from and I’ll be better prepared in two weeks at Wausau. I hope I see you there!


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