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Cole House : Birthday Madness Part 2 - Koldwave

11 February, 2016

 Round two of Broken Spoke Bikes SNOW CROWN Series was held at Snowkraft just North of Sturgeon Bay this past Saturday. For those of you who weren't able to make it up for the event mark your calendars for next season! For those that aren't familiar with Snokraft listen up.

 Tom Parsons hosts this on his own property. It’s open to the public, to ride fat bikes seven days a week and cross-country ski (conditions permitting of course). I had the chance to ride the actual Fat Bike loop the week leading up to the race. It’s top notch. Roughly six miles of pure single-track and the man keeps his trails immaculately groomed. When I say pure single track it’s straight single track, no ski trails, just fast, flowing single track. Tom really took his time with the layout. I didn't know this place existed until Koldwave. But now I do! I can’t wait to take the mountain bike up there as soon as the snow melts. If you're looking for trails that all levels of riders can ride and enjoy, head up there and check it out, I promise you won’t be let down.

 Anyways back to the race. This year Koldwave offered a 7 mile event and a grueling 21 mile event. Let’s just say after Friday night’s race, Koldwave kicked my ass. At one point, I felt so bad I really just wanted to pull off and cheer everybody else on. The course wasn't the normal single-track loop, but incorporated more ski trail to offer up spots to pass. Tom, I'm 100% sure, likes to challenge people and make people push themselves. He added in the notorious “Orchard” section of ski trail. When you look at the Orchard you think, “Oh, ok. Just a couple switch backs with a few small hills.” But I swear there were all these other hidden hills and about seven switch backs. I’m not exactly sure about the switch back count; I really just blocked it out from my memory. It was that brutal! Three laps of that wasn't fun. As the race went on, the single track was getting better but the Orchard was deteriorating. With everybody doing the same course, there was a lot of foot traffic on the climbs, which made the steeper pitches nearly impossible ride. This is the same thing that happened at The Snow Bully.

 Again, like on Friday, it was a matter of putting things into perspective. You’re suffering, you’re going slow; it wears on you mentally. So again, instead of focusing on how much fun I wasn't having I started to pay attention to my riding, trying to ride that perfect line and make it up each climb. I’m sure I had to get off and run at some point next to other riders who probably thought I was mad at them. I promise, I wasn't mad at them, I was mad at myself because I kept aiming for the perfection of trying to make it up every climb. It was one of those “Its not you, its me” moments.

 In the end I was able to heard all my cats and cross the line for the win! The weekend’s theme wasn't in fact winning or celebrating; it was Perspective! Because even when you’re doing well and winning or achieving your goals, there are times when you have to stop and reset your focus and get going again! Nothing is easy. It may look easy, but there’s always a struggle. Keep that in mind in your next race, no never mind just keep that in mind every day! There’s the saying “You learn something new everyday” and it’s true. None of us ever stop learning.

 A big thanks goes out to everybody involved in making this great event happen! George, Tom, and everybody that came out. Special thanks to all the event sponsors! None of this is possible without your support!

 Of Course I can’t Sign off without thanking my own sponsors. Door County Brewing Company, Broken Spoke, Intelligentsia Coffee, FSA, Xpedo Pedals, Martin Security, Starlight Apparel. Thank you for your support!

Thank You for reading guys!


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