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First Ride : Teravail Cannonball Tires

10 February, 2016

The new Teravail Cannonball tire is a great combination between off and on road riding. The 120 tpi folding bead is tubeless ready and has a full bead to bead flat protection built in. The 38mm tires are true to size and set up tubeless with no problems. I inflated these tires with no sealant and they popped into place and stayed sealed. I pulled the tire over as close as I could towards the bead around the valve stem so the air could blow right into the tire. I then added the sealant re-inflated and it was ready to go. 
The first ride I took these tires on a 40 mile ride which included mud, gravel and some rough paved roads. On this ride I inflated the tires at 65 psi, allowing for a little give but still staying fast on the pavement. The Cannonball's hooked up great around corners and even pedaling hard up the hills on in the mud. I went from 32c slick tire to these 38c, I didn't notice to much resistance difference between the two tires while my average mph remained the same. The hard fast center tread keeps the tire quite on the pavement while still allowing for low rolling resistance. What makes the big difference is the side tread knobs for corning and the tread pattern that creates several points of contact. The Teravail tires were comfortable, fast and allowed for a great ride. 
I'm going to get some more miles on these tires, ride them at different psi and terrains to get more impressions on these tires. For the first ride though, I was very pleased on how they set up and performed on gravel, mud and rough roads. More to come soon on the Cannonball tires. 
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