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New Product : Whisky No. 9 Fat Fork

29 January, 2016

The Whisky 9 fat bike fork is a great option for a rigid carbon fork. If you want to switch from a Bluto in summer to a rigid fork in winter, this fork allows the switch to be quick and painless. The 15x150mm axle allows you to run the same wheel for both a rigid and bluto fork. If your looking into upgraded your rigid steel/aluminum, the carbon will save you some grams while increasing the performance and your confidence on the bike. The Whisky fork includes a 5 year warranty, DT Swiss thru axle and Compression plug. The rake of the fork is 51mm just like the bluto, so your bike will steer and handle similar while it comes in at 748g. There is no rider weight limit on this fork and is out now for purchase. Retail on the Whisky No.9 fork is $500 and can be purchased at any shop that sells Surly, Salsa, Foundry or All City bikes. 


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