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Review : First Impression on Kenda Juggernaut Pro Tire

25 November, 2015

New for the 2016 Fat Bike season is the Kenda Juggernaut Pro tire. The Juggernaut Pro is an affordable lightweight tire that will save at least one pound off your bike. With a folding bead and fast tread design the Juggernaut Pro is optimized for dirt or light snow riding. Tread depth in the center of the tire is 2mm high and is 3mm high on the edges. This keeps things fast rolling while providing a little extra grab while cornering. Tread blocks are are interconnected for added knob integrity. The DTC dual tread compound increases efficiency and is tubeless ready with a lightweight 120 tpi casing.
The Juggernaut Pro is a 26x4 inch tire and is one of the lightest tires on the market. On our digital scale the tire came in at 810g. also weighed this tire and they got 771g. So there is some variance in weight, but overall you'll still be saving at least two pounds off your bike. For some comparison the 45 North Husker Du tires comes in at 1210g, Maxxis Mammoth is 1250g and Panaracer Fat B Nimble comes in at 1237g. These tires are also considered for dirt/light snow use and are 120tpi as well. 
We just mounted a pair of these to our Bucksaw Carbon with Industry Nine hubs on HED Big Deal Rims. Mounting and setting these tires up was just as easy as other tubeless ready tires. We had no issues after mounting them with losing air or having a hard time with the bead seating. On the 85mm outer rim width the Juggernauts came in at 4.1 inches. 
Our first ride the tires we fast rolling and with them set up at 11 psi there was no auto steer. On the dirt the tires handled great. There was enough tread to grip on dirt corners as well as lose dirt/gravel corners as well. We pushed these down to 7psi, which is usually where we are at in packed snow conditions. With the lower psi these tires did have a slight auto steer to them. But with a lower tread height, I don't expect to many people to ride these through the snowy winter months anyway. 
Lightest Salsa Bucksaw Carbon coming in at 25lbs? Either way this bike is a blast to ride.
The Juggernauts might not be be ideal for winter, but for the summer months these tires will shred your local trails. Retail on these tires are $59.95, which makes them a lot more affordable and lighter than most other tires on the market. (With low stock availability of these tires, we could only get 10 tires in stock right now). This allows you then to have these as your summer tires and another more aggressive tread for the winter months. We are going to get more miles on these tires and get a further report. We don't have any snow in Northeast Wisconsin yet, but once we do we'll get these tires some snow time as well and see how they do. Stay tune for further updates! 
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