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45 North Flowbeist and Dunderbeist Set Up

05 November, 2015

After the release of the Dillinger 5 last year, 45NRTH released the Flowbeist and Dunderbeist 4.6 inch tires at this year's Frost Bike. We saw the tires at their release, but now we will set them up and see what their true size is. The Dillinger 5 comes in short of 5 inches, at 4.2 inches, so the first questioned that popped into my head with the Flowbeist and Dunderbeist is whether or not they would be a true 4.6 inch tire. 

                  Flowbeist on a Surly Marge Lite 64mm rim and Bluto Set up.

The Flowbeist is a front specific tire that has many design features from the Vanhelga. An open tread in the middle of the tire allows for fast rolling / snow clearing ability. The knobs get bigger going to the edge of the tires, which make this front tire great for digging into turns. The duel compound rubber allows for a softer side wall which gives the tire more flex and ability to grip while turning and gives it a more plush feel. Other features include siping, slits and a tubeless ready set up. 

    Mounted on a Sun Mulefut 80mm rim, the Flowbeist comes in at 4.2 inches at   15 psi. 

Partnered with the Flowbeist is the Dunderbeist rear specific tire. The larger and centered knobs provide greater traction while in the dirt or snow. The alternating lined pattern will lock up whether you're braking or accelerating. The center lugs have cutouts to provide more contact points on the ground for better tracking along with the more aggressive slots that alternate direction. And then there is the dual compound rubber and tubeless ready bead. Tubeless set up on both of these tires was a breeze: put one bead on, fill with 4 ounces of Stan's, put the other bead on and inflate.


          Mounted on a Sun Mulefut 80mm rim, the Dunderbeist comes in at just under 4.2 inches at 15psi.

We mounted both of these tires on the Stock 2x10 Beargrease. The tires easily clear the frame, fork and 2x10 drivetrain. The tires share the same design trait of the Dillinger 5 with a 4.2 inch width. While we rode these tires around our local single track a few times, we can't wait to get some more miles on them and also get them into some snow! We will have a performance review on these tires soon. 

Flowbeist on the left. Dunderbeist on the right shows clearance on Beargrease frame.

We have 45NRTH tires  available now along with all the new boots, gloves and other winter accessories. 

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