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Getting Ready for Winter - Part 1

27 October, 2015

This year we are focusing more on long endurance fat bike races. Of course we will still be doing the shorter fast races, but stepping outside our comfort zone and and taking it to 75 plus mile races. We are loading up our bikes with bags and figuring out the best way to carry the required gear on these races. Races like Arrowhead 135 and Tuscobia 75 or 135 miles require : 3000 calories of food, sleeping bag, bivy sack, sleeping pad, stove, pot, fuel, fire starter, headlight or bike light, 3 rear red flashing lights with back up batteries, and at least 20 square inches of reflective material (10 front and 10 rear). Need to pack smart, keep things as light as possible while still being efficient. All this gear will add up to be around 50 lbs, as we try things out and get things more dialed in will we share the gear we recommend and review it. 

Along with having the right gear, you need the right apparel. We stocked up on 45 North stuff this year since we ran out every other year! Between all the new boots, tires and other apparel we should have enough to get through this winter! We are waiting for the snow to fall and cold temps to come. Excited to get the new flow/dunderbeist tires. Along with winter comes ice, especially in Wisconsin, that is why most of us here ride the Dillinger tires studded through the winter. Along with the 45 north tires, the new Wolvhammer boots look great and they have been the best solution for keeping your feet warm. We'll have more to come soon once we get some of this new gear tested. 

Don't forget to check out the Snowcrown Race Series that we are putting on this winter! 3 Races, Cash prizes and a whole lot of fun! 

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