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New Brand : Teravail Gravel/All Road Tires

25 October, 2015

Teravail is another company that is ran by QBP and comes into line with the new bikes and tread of gravel, backpacking and the 27.5 plus bikes. After testings these tires on some of the toughest rides out there, like the Tour Divide and the Dirty Kanza, Teravail just released these tires to be seen at Saddle Drive. When doing rides like this or just training, you need a tire that will hold up and be able to function under different terrains and conditions. 

For the most part each tire in Teravail’s lineup so far consists of a small spikes that are closely packed with a fast center tread pattern. There are larger knobs on the outer portions of the tire for better cornering or getting our of ruts traction. The only exception to his is the Lickskillet which is a smoother all road tire. All of their tires will be available in a 60 tpi version that has a under the tread flat protection or a 120 tpi version with full bead to bead flat protection. All tires will be tubeless ready. 

The Galena is a 700x32c, which is the narrowest of Teravail's Gravel tires. 

- Min PSI/Max PSI - 45/100

- Weight - 60tpi = 315g / 120tpi = 320g

The Cannonball consists of the same tread pattern as the Galena, but with a larger foot print. 700x38c.

- Min PSI/Max PSI - 45/90

- Weight - 60tpi = 500g / 120tpi = 510g

The last tire to same this design is the Sparwood. Which is a mountain/back country tire at 29x2.2".

- Min PSI/Max PSI - 30/55

- Weight - 60tpi = 690g / 120tpi = 715g

The Lickskillet is the All Road tire with a available size of 28c or 32c. The tire consist's of small tread patterns for extra grips with small micro knobs on the side of the tires for corning on smooth gravel or rough roads. 

- Min PSI/Max PSI - 45/100

- Weight - 28c - 60tpi = 270g / 120tpi = 275g

                 32c - 60tpi = 315g / 120tpi - 325g

Along with this line up that is available for purchase now, Teravail is currently in development with two new tires for the 27.5 plus all mountain tires that will have a more aggressive tread pattern. The Cumberland and the Kennebec should be coming out next spring. A full review on these tires will be coming soon as soon as I get some miles on them! I expect that they are going to be great for winter commuting as well. 

TERAVAIL | Gravel from Teravail on Vimeo.



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