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New Industry Nine Trail 245 Wheelset

19 October, 2015

The trail wheelset from I9 is the most popular around our shop and overall. With the new design of the trail rim will only help with the little criticism that I seen on the web. 

The new Industry Nine Trail 245 wheelset has the same hub and spoke technology as usual, but with a newly designed rim. I9 made the rim wider at 24.5mm for a internal width from the old 23.4mm. They also added 1mm wider bead seat per side and .5mm shorter bead wall from the original Trail for improved tire performance and increased “burp” resistance at low pressures. The shorter bead wall will also maximize the tire width and volume for a better tire profile shape. With a thicker bead wall and tapered downwall construction the 245 rim has a improved impact resistance zone where it's needed most. Click here for more information about the Trail 245 wheelset.

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