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Reveiw - Light and Motion Urban and Micro 180

01 February, 2016

The Light and Motion Urban Series was designed for any style of bike ridder. It meets the needs of the daily commuter and it's powerful enough for single-track riders. It is the lightest, brightest and most compact light in its class. Like all other Light and Motion lights, they are tested and certified to the FL-1 American Standard. They are engineered with the best CREE LEDS and enhanced firmware. The custom deigned micro-peened reflector optimizes the light which provides a smooth, even beam pattern that focused the light exactly where you need it. The Urban series is also designed with a amber side light for 180 degrees of visibility. These lights are also tested to be fully waterproof in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes and impact resistant; Making this the ultimate light for any rider. 

The Light and Motion handlebar attachment is easy to use and install. Fits from 22mm - 32 mm handlebars. The mounting strap goes around the bar, pull tight and lock it onto the prong. This mounting system doesn't cause the rattle like other lights and makes for a clear light beam that doesn't bounce around. This is one of the many reasons this is my go to front light. 

Another great feature to this light is the flash mode. Light and Motion uses a light pulse, which keeps the light on the trail or road ahead and still makes you more visible to others around you. Unlike most other lights that use the flash strobe, which makes it harder to see and its annoying to ride with in a group. 

Comes in 5 different Lumen models - 350, 500, 650, 800 and 800 fast charge. 

Charge Time - 5 Hours

Run Time - High = 1.5 hours / Medium - 3 hours / Low 6 hours 

  • High – 1.5 hrs
  • Med – 3 hrs
  • Low – 6 hrs

The Light and Motion Vis 180 Micro tail light provides a full range of coverage to be seen. Light and Motion test there lights up to the FL-1 American Standard.  The Micro 180 has a dual LED design to maximize brightness while spreading the light for 180 degress of visibility. Light and Motion lights are designed with a simple mounting strap system which makes it easy to take on and off and while keeping it secured tight to your bike. This light also features a integrated clip for attaching it to your backpack or messenger bag. The clip is usable once you take off the mounting strap and has a rubber back to securely grip onto your bag.  

The Micro 180 has multiple power settings: Hi Pulse-6hrs/ 25 lumen, LoPulse-12hrs/ 13 lumen, Solid-4hrs/ 25 lumen, Paceline-20hrs/ 13 lumen. The tail light also features a low battery warning and auto shut off to prevent battery damage. The micro usb cable comes with the light and it fully charges in 2.5 hours.

The Light and Motion lights are assembled here in the USA test at the American FL-1 standard. From this you get a better quality light that won't need to be replaced. The Urban lights start at $52.95 and the Vis 180 micro retails for $41.95. 

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