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Review - Whisky Carbon #9 Fat Bike Rims

20 October, 2015

The Whisky No.9 carbon fat bike rim is a double wall design for durability and ease of tubeless sealing. The rims have a 65mm inner and 70mm outer rim width, which is the medium between winter 80mm winter riding and 55mm summer wheels. These rims can hold up to 30 psi tire pressure along with a max tire size of 5". The Whisky's have a higher psi rating than most other carbon rims that only allow you to run 15 psi. Rider weight limit on these rims is 300 lbs and tested for ASTM condition 3 which is for rough off road riding and for jumps less than 2 feet.

When buying a Whisky No.9 fat bike rim or wheelset, it comes with tubeless valve stems, lightweight rim tape and spoke washers. The rims also come with a 5 year warranty, which Whisky stand behind. The rim comes in at 575g; laced up to Industry Nine classic fat bike hubs the wheelset comes in at 957g for the front, 1098g for the rear with tubeless tape and valves. 

After getting the wheels it was time to install the tires and get them on the bike. Setting up the 45 North Dillinger Tires was a breeze. We poured 4 oz of Stan's sealant into the tire, finished putting the tire on the rims and inflated the tires with a air compressor. The tires easily pop into place and with no air pressure loss. I wanted to see how the bead compared to remove the tires and if the tires would set up with a standard floor pump like claimed. The tire was much easier to pull off the rim bead than the Sarma rims and also the Sun Mulefut rims, but the tire still locked into place and took some effort to remove. I re-inflated that tire and moved onto the next with the floor pump. The floor pump did take some quick pumps at the beginning to get some of the air into the tire (it also helped to pull the bead of the tire toward the outside of the rims as much as possible). After quickly pumping for a while the tire starting going into place and then we got the tire up to 20 psi and heard the pop of the bead. While it did take a lot more effort to get them set up with a floor pump, it is possible if you don't have a compressor around. 

Now that the wheels were all set up, we finished by putting the cassette and rotors on. Next was to install the wheels onto the bike and feel the weight savings. When swapping the new wheels onto a bike that came equipped with Surly Marge Lite rims and Surly Nate tires, we shaved just over two pounds off the bike. That’s a massive savings especially in rotating weight. Along with the weight savings the carbon wheels provide a stiff wheel while corning. Carbon wheels also need less maintenance since the spoke tension stays tight longer while remaining true. I've been testing these in the rocky Colorado conditions and they been performing great out here. The double wall construction allows for the ultimate wheel in any terrain. 

This year Whisky is offering complete wheels that are laced up to Industry Nine classic hubs. The wheelset cost $1799 and comes in at 2055g. If you just need a rim it cost $575/rim coming in at 575g. We will also do custom lacing for customers as well if you looking to get one of the Anodized color hubs that I9 has available. 

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