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Review - Brooks England Cambium Saddle

10 October, 2015

I was always a big fan of leather saddles, but I hated the break in period, treating the leather every so often and worrying about getting the saddle wet. When Brooks came out with the new Cambium C17, I bought it the first week it was available. It had all the key features I was looking for with the same classic Brooks look. 

The Cambium is a completely new way of making saddles. The base is made out of vulcanized natural rubber and in covered with organic cotton that is enhanced by a thin layer of structural textile for added durability that Brooks is known for. The Cambium is maintenance free, waterproof and the rubber base provides for a uniquely flexible saddle for immediate comfort. Brooks says that the saddle is designed to follow the riders movement which means the natural flex allows for a more enjoyable ride no matter the distance your going. 


I rode the C17 for several months and as much as I wanted to love the saddle I just couldn't get comfortable on it. The saddle kept digging in so the saddle was to wide for me to use. And then thankfully Brooks then introduced the C15, a narrower saddle that is lighter and race ready. The C15 is 140mm wide, while the C17 was 162mm wide which is a big difference depending on your body shape. After waiting some time for the C15 to be released and ready for sale, I sold my C17 and got my hands on a limited edition Slate C15. 

The C15 provided instant comfort like I was hoping from the beginning of this new saddle journey. Shorter rides with no pad wasn't a problem and even longer 60 plus miles with a pad I didn't have any numbing issues like I have on most saddles. I am very happy with the design, comfort and look of the Cambium. Even though the saddle might weigh more than most race saddle, coming in at 400g, the comfort makes up for 150g I could be saving. I've been riding the C15 for just over 6 months and the saddle shows no sign of wear. I'm looking forward to seeing how the saddle performs and last throughout the years. And if it's like any other brooks I'm hoping to get several years out of it! The Cambium retails for $149.95 on our site and we carry all the models they offer! Click here to check out the other models and colors options.


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