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Sram's New GX Drivetrain Series

18 August, 2015

With the release of Sram's XD 1x11 set up, it is now the most popular bike set up used for Fat Bikes and Mountain bikes. This week the new GX series becomes available for sale. The new GX series used the same technology you see in the high end XX1 set up, but now with a more affordable price tag. Like the XX1, the GX series uses X-ACTUATION, ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH, CAGE LOCK, X-HORIZON, 12-tooth X-SYNC pulley wheels, Upper Pulley Offset and Sealed Cartridge Bearings, so you can expect the same great shifting you get from the higher end models. 

               New GX 1x11 Rear Derailleur. Retails for $104.95. Comes in Black or Red.

    New GX Trigger Shifters. 1x11, 2x11 or 2x10 set ups available. Black or Red.

Sram has created the GX series with the well know 1x11 set up and now with a new 2x11 set up. The new GX 2x11 set up, allowing for 22 speeds with a 36x24t front range and the 10-42t rear range, to create the ultimate adventure bike on a mountain or fat bike. The 2x11 Rear Derailleur comes in either a long or medium cage length. The Medium Cage length can only be used on hard tail bikes. I think for overall compatibility and ease of shifter the long cage rear derailleur should be used since there is such large range of gear being employed. 

        New GX 2x11 Rear Derailleur Long Cage. Black or Red. Retails for $114.95. 

One of the most expensive parts when going with the 11 speed set up is the cassette. With the XX1 and X01 being in the $300 range, it is not cheap on a drivetrain wear item. Sram has created a new and more affordable cassette to go along with the GX Series. The new XG-1150 uses a full pin technology which allows a more affordable option for everyone to employ the 10-42t rear range. The XG-1150 uses eleven lightweight, stamped steel cogs held together with 123 high-strength stainless steel pins. The result is a cassette that’s mid range in weight, durable and equipped with Sram’s super wide 10-42t gear range that’s a perfect fit for any ride. The open design similar to our X-DOME cassette aids in mud clearance, giving you cleaner shifting performance and longer component life.

                    Sram's New XG-1150 10-42t Cassette. 394g. Retails for $129.95. 

The last items are the new Front Derailleur for the 2x11 set up and also Sram's new GX 2x11 Crankset. Sram has offered several different mount types with top and bottom pull to accommodate any bike. The low-profile GX 2x11 front derailleur was designed specifically for SRAM 2x11 X-GLIDE shifting. When paired with the wide range 10-42t cassette GX 2x11 provides the widest range of gears ever offered. The front derailleur used a steel cage with an aluminum clamp with weights ranging from 123g-150g. 

Sram's new GX 2x11 Front Derailleur. Multiple Clamps and Top or Bottom Pull. Retail $39.95.

We got some of the new GX series drivetrain parts on order and once we get them installed and get some miles on them I'll get a first impression report and a long term review. I rode both XX1 set ups and currently use Sram's X1 set up on my 29er. Both drivetrains allow for low maintenance, fast shifting and taking out all the play which results in no ghost shifting and proper chain tension avoiding chain slap. I can imagine that the GX series will provide the same great shifting capabilities as the higher end models and will now allow for a larger market for people to convert the 1x11 or 2x11 set up. Check out the full range of GX series products or anything drivetrain related here!

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