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Review : Chrome Industries Race Seat Bag

04 August, 2015

The new Chrome Race Seat bag is small enough not to get in the way but big enough to carry just want you need. The welded roll top protects your items from water, mud and all the other elements. Along with the waterproof treated 600 denier poly, this seat bag is perfect for mountain, cyclocross, commuting and for any rider that doesn't want to carry smaller items on them. 

The knurled welded bag is easy to install onto your seat. Simply put the long strap through the right side of the seat rails. Loop the strap under the bag, put the D ring through the left side of the seat rails and then put the long strap through the D ring and strap tight. Then just put the other strap around the seat post and your ready to start using the bag. The easy on and off make for a great seat bag. Several of other bags take a bit to get onto your seat, which makes you hesitate from taking it on and off when you need it. 

Inside the bag we were able to easily fit a spare tube (700x32c), the Topeak Hexus 2 multi tool, keys and a CO2 cartridge. Instead of that you could fit a 29er tube and the Topeak multitool or CO2 cartridge. Since I ride a tubeless set up in my Mountain bike, I bring a road tube with me for a spare since they are much smaller lighter and can work in case of an emergency. This seat bag will allow you to bring the essential equipment to keep your self from getting stranded on longer training rides or being deep in the woods.  

We offer the Chrome Race Seat Bag for $26.95. To check out more pictures, information or the larger gravel version of the bag click here

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