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Stan's No Tubes Arch EX Wheelset Review

04 August, 2015

The Stan's Arch EX Wheelset is a great balance between function and price. They combine all the things you need in a wheelset. The combination between weight, stiffness and durable. The Arch EX is a tough wheelset that is meant for an aggressive all mountain use. 

Stan's reinforced the Arch rims with an extra wall on the interior of the rims to make the rim tougher and use for heavier riders. With a max weight limit of 230 lbs and with the 29" wheelset coming in at 1775g. Stan's uses come great technology into there wheels making them easy to set up and maintain. Most of the rims features come from the overall design shape of the rim. The side wall of the rim is curved to the same shape of the tire's bead, so they fit together like a ball and socket joint. This helps reduce the strain of the tire bead and creates a tighter seal to prevent burping. Stan's also lowered the sidewall of the rim to make the rim lighter, stiffer and last longer by eliminating flexing that causes cracking. The shorter sidewall also prevents pinch flats, since the tire is less likely to hit the sidewall. This design allows you to run lower air pressure and gives the tire a larger air volume for better traction. The design of the rims makes it a breeze to set these wheels up tubeless. Just put the tire on, pour in the sealant and with a standard floor pump the tires pop into place with very little effort. 

These wheels come with Stan's 3.30 hubs that are a 6 bolt disc brake design. They front hub has two sealed bearing while the rear has four. The 3.30 hubs have 30 points on the interior hub, with a 3 pawl cassette body which makes for a great sounding hub. The 3.30 hubs come in ever size and axle type that you would need, with 26", 27.5" or 29" rims. Stan's offers QR, Thru Axles, Lefty or Single speed set ups with the option of Sram XD or Shimano 8-10 speed cassette body. 

The Stan's Arch EX wheelset retails for $595.95 making a great affordable wheel that compares many higher end wheels at the fraction of the cost. Carbon wheelsets would make for a stiffer ride but with the higher price tag, you wouldn't want them as a daily rider. Most carbon wheelsets come in at around 1550g, saving you only half a pound, but with a price tag around $1,200 plus. You would have to out weight the cost benefits, to see if carbon wheels are worth it to your or not. 

With the release of Stan's new Neo hubs, we will see if they keep the 3.30 hubs on there more affordable wheelset and keep the Neo hubs for the carbon wheel or if they will use the Neo's for all there wheels. Either way the Stan's Arch EX wheel is a great upgrade to your mountain bike that is affordable, durable and easy to set up. This makes maintaining your bike much easier and will make your more confident while riding. Check out the Arch ZTR EX Wheelset here!


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