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New 45 North Dunderbeist Fat Bike Tire Now Available : Review

26 July, 2015

We got to see the new line up of tires and products from 45 North at Frost Bike this year. With some new tires, boot designs and a few other accessories. The first of these to be released is the New 45 North Dunderbeist Fat Bike Tire. 

The Dunderbeist combines all the tire technology that 45 North has been using, but combines it in one solid tire. Made with Dual Rubber Compound, 120 TPI tubeless ready, siping, and with a 4.6 inch foot print, you'll be able to rip any trail ahead of you. The Dunderbeist was designed as a rear specific tire, with large center knobs to power up hills, grab the snow wether accelerating or stoping, and with specific side knobs with siping to keep traction while powering through corners. 

Whether your riding through the summer dirt or winter snow, the Dunderbeist will provide you will a superb amount a grip. Digging in and giving you the confidence to go faster, hit the corners harder while climbing faster. We now have the Dunderbeist in stock and ready to ride at the low cost of $134.95/tire. Once we get some more miles in with these tires, we'll have a further review and exact tire width. 

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