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Topeak Mini Race Rocket Hand Pump Review

06 July, 2015

            Carrying the right pump with you is critical, just incase you get a flat or need to change air pressure depending on conditions. After going through several pumps over the last couple of years, the pump of choice here at Broken Spoke is the Topeak Race Rocket hand pump.

             Topeak makes a high-pressure (HP) road version of the pump and a high volume (MT) pump for Mountain or Fat Bike use. Both of these versions have the same functions; only difference is the MT version is slightly larger in diameter creating more volume per pump. The Race Rocket is made from CNC Aluminum for precise airflow, durability and lightweight. The pump is small enough to fit in your jersey pocket or to carry in any frame or seat bag. The MT version is 7.7x1.4x1.3 inches while the HP version is 7.1x1x0.8 inches. Weights on the pumps are pretty comparable, the MT comes in at 114g and the HP comes in at 82g. Both versions do come with frame mount bracket that can be put on under any water cage. The bracket features a clamp to hold the pump and then comes with a rubber strap to tightly secure the pump in place, preventing any movement and rattling.

            The extendable hose and SmartHead technology is what sets the Topeak Race Rocket apart and is why we carry it with us on our every ride. Unlike most other pumps, the hose is attached to the pump already, making it much faster to get to your tire. This is especially important when it’s below freezing and need to pump up your tire fast before you lose feeling in your figures. Simply open up the dust guard, unscrew the head from the pump, attach the pump to your valve and start pumping. He pump head is knurled for easily unscrewing the extendable hose from the pump. The extendable hose is flexible to take the stress of the valve stem while inflating your tire. This prevents breaking your valve stem, ripping the stem off your tube or damaging the tubeless valve seal. With its SmartHead Technology you don’t have to flip around the hose depending on what valve you need. Schrader mode is first with the threadlock down and simply un-thread the top for Presta. The head easily installs onto the valve without loosing air or having to twist the whole pump around. The Race Rocket also has a sculpted rubber grip at the other end of the pump so your hands don’t slip and is comfortable while pumping. 

           The Race Rocket has proven to meet the demands for professional racing and training schedules. With all the key features this pump offers, Topeak keeps the price point down. The HP version retails for $35.95 while the MT version retails for $39.95. Topeak offers a two-year warranty on this pump, giving you the peace of mind before you buy. Click here for more tech/specs or to purchase of our online store!

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