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Back Bottle Review - Water Bottle for your Jersey

10 May, 2015

          The same guy who brought you the fix it sticks has now introduced the Back Bottle through kick starter. While this bottle is not intended to replace normal round bottles, it is meant to serve as another option for cyclists. Whether you're doing a long training ride, cyclocross race or if your bike doesn’t have any water cage mounts, the back bottle has multiple uses. Another option is that you don’t have to put water in it all, the Back Bottle can serve as a tool carrier as well, for any short or long distance rides.

            The Back Bottle has several key features that make it a functional piece that any kind of cyclist can use. The pointy shape at the bottom of the bottle allows for a fast and easy fit into your jersey pocket. The bottle also has ergonomic, contoured side profile for easy one-handed grip and use. The back of the bottle is flat with a slight bend to form nicely to your back. Also, the Back Bottle has two ribbed sections on the back allowing airflow and to keep direct contact off your back for a more comfortable feel. The last major feature is the lip on the side facing away from your back right above the BB graphic. This lip allows the bottle to catch on your jersey pocket to prevent it from bouncing out. This is a great feature if your doing CX races or mountain bike races. I lost several bottles from mountain bike races, but in the two months I had the back bottle it hasn’t left my jersey.

            With its great bike friendly features, the Back Bottle also has some key production features. The Back Bottle is made in the USA, which is great to see coming from a small business. It is also BPA free and make from recycled materials. The Back Bottle is also top dishwasher safe, freezer safe and a wide top opening to easily add ice or powder to the bottle. If you choose to freeze the bottle before your ride, there is a convenient freeze line maker right on the bottle. The bottle valve also closes tightly, preventing leaking or easy wear out time.

            The Back Bottle is a great addition to your cycling gear. Serving as another water source, tool holder or your go to bottle while racing, the back bottle offers multiple uses that are all worth a try. With everything the bottle has to offer, made in the USA and out of recycled components the Back Bottle only retails for $11.95. We're happy to say that we are one of the first shops to get the Back Bottle in stock! Try one out today!

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