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Topeak Hexus 2 Multitool Review

03 May, 2015

             Carrying the right multi-tool is important. Most of us at Broken Spoke carry the Topeak Hexus 2 when we go out for a ride. With all the tools that you would need while riding, its lightweight design and affordability are all reasons why we support the Hexus 2.

             The Topeak Hexus 2 is made out of a plastic body to keep the weight down and hardened steel tools for durability. The plastic body allows for two tire levers to snap in or out from the sides, while the center steel construction keeps the tool stiff while in use. The two tire levers also serve multiple purposes. One levers has a 4mm allen that you use for the attached chain breaker and it also allows you to tighten the body if it were ever to come loose. The other tire lever has a 14/15g spoke wrench and a built in pin to take the air out of your tube. Another nice feature is that Topeak engraved the sizes on all the allen wrenches to quickly find the right one your looking for.

           With all 16 functions that the Hexus 2 offers, the chain tool is what stands out from the crowd. With the chain tool being built in, it acts like the large shop breaker. The tool stays in place, while you push or pull the pin with the allen on the tire lever which provides you with the leverage for ease of use. The chain breaker works from single speed chains all the way up to 11 speed chains. The only thing it can’t break is Campagnolo’s hollow pin chain. Built into the tool is also a chain hook, which holds the separated chain together and acts as a second pair of hands when putting your chain pin back in.

             Coming in at only 167g the Topeak Hexus 2 is a lightweight, durable multi-tool, which can be used for road or mountain. There is nothing cheap about this tool expect for the price. Selling for only $29.95, the Hexus 2 will get you out of a pinch whenever needed.

 Tools listed:

2-6, 8, 2.5 Allen, T25, #2 Phillips/Flat Screw, 14g/15g spoke wrench, chain breaker (single speed - 10 speed compatible), chain hook, and 2 tire levers.

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