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Bombas Sock Review

19 April, 2015

            Our family of four is constantly on the move. We are active in the outdoor scene with cycling, mountain hiking, running and chasing after our two toddlers. Life couldn’t get any busier for us and the proper gear to keep us comfortable is a must—especially when it comes to footwear.

            We stumbled upon Bombas socks and they have everything we desire at an affordable price. On your first order you receive 20% off with a “bombas guarantee” with every order; which basically means if you’re unhappy for any reason, they do whatever it takes to please you and make it right.

            The bombas is an all around heavy duty, yet lightweight sock that leaves you feeling supported without any restrictions. The reinforced footbed and honeycomb support system is what’s responsible for the thickness, arch tightness and top of the line comfort. And it can’t be forgotten; the heels are Y-Stitched which is designed to create a natural cup around your heel along with a blister tab that protects your ankles from any rubbing.  The key to these all around socks is the Peruvian pima cotton they are made with. Like merino woll, they wick away moisture and protect for the extremes of summer and winter.

            When the Bombas sock was put to the test and compared to a merino woll performance sock there was a marketable difference between the two.  First of all, the price comparison beats; Bombas cost $9 and merino woll socks run about $15.  The Bombas sock provided the comfort, durability and flexibility that it promised.  Because of the honeycomb design and arch support, my feet didn't ach after my workout when compared to a merino woll sock. My heels weren’t red and calloused after my afternoon ride and late evening run. However, both socks do have fantastic wicking ability that aids in keeping the day fresh and new for nonstop moving.  I will continue to purchase Bombas socks for their exceptional comfort abilities. 

            My family and I are very satisfied with our Bombas—our toddlers each tried out a pair and their attractive style and comfort was a sure winner.   We will are planning to purchase more socks for all four of us to bring on our many continued adventures.   There is one last piece that cannot fail to be mentioned; every pair of socks that you purchase another pair is donated to homeless shelters around the world. Now that really is an all around sock—it couldn’t get any better!


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