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Fyxation Session 700 Tire Review

15 April, 2015

Just over six years ago Fyxation started their company with a single tire in only one size. Now, Fyxation offers the tires in a variety of different sizes, colors and bead types. With popularity still growing, the Session 700 is definitely worth trying. The Session has all that you are looking for in an all around tire. Whether you’re an all year commuter or just want a tough tire on your Sunday rides, the Session 700 won’t disappoint or break the bank.

 After riding the Fyxation Session 700’s for the last three years, I have no complaints. It depends on the week, but as a daily commuter I put on about 100 miles per week. Riding through the rough streets of Milwaukee, you need a tire that can hold up to potholes, glass and the worst of winter weather conditions. This is true in most major cities and that is why it’s so important to find the right tire that fits your kind of riding. I believe that you get more performance and gain from a high quality wheel set and tires more so than a high-end frame. The tire is what keeps your rolling, and without a great tire you’re left on the side of the road or replacing your tires far too often. Either way, you’re burning a hole in you pocket. Do some research and get what you’re looking for the first time around.

 There are several key features that make the Session 700 stick out from most other tires. First off, the full wrapped diamond patterned tread with razor file teeth have a few key advantages. Tougher sidewalls, cornering grip, all weather, and multi-functional terrains give this tire a wide audience. Surprisingly, this tire did much better through the snow at 40 psi than a full knobbed cyclocross tire. Fyxation also designed it with a super tough volcanized base with a Kevlar anti-puncture reinforcement, which has resulted in only two flats in three years. And coming in at only 425 grams for the 700x28c tires, it’s pretty reasonable when you compare that to the Schwalbe Marathon Plus tire that is almost doubled in weight at 750 grams for the same size. Like the well-known Marathon like of tires, the Session 700 is sure to last. It has taken me about 1200 miles just to wear down the razor file teeth treads on the tires, the Session should last you thousands of miles.

 There is a reason why the tire has gone unchanged in 6 years and is increasing in popularity around the world. The Session 700 is a high quality tire with out the high price point. The wrap around tread will give you a non-slip contact and will hold up to what ever you throw at it. If you plan on riding city streets, gravel, fire roads or even snow, I would consider the Fyxation Session 700 next time you’re looking at a new pair of tires.

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