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Review: Maxxis Chronicle 29+ Tire

23 March, 2015

          The market right now for 29+ tires is pretty limiting. For the longest time the Surly Knard was the only option. Last fall I got a pair of Maxxis Chronicle’s, which was the second 29 plus tire to hit the market and now available for sale.

           The Maxxis Chronicle has a similar tread to their Fat Bike Mammoth Tire. I’ve been ridding the 120 tpi tubeless version. So far I had these tires on the Stan’s Hugo and also the Velocity Dually Rims, which they set up tubeless nicely on both rims. The tread is a great all around tire with a fast rolling center with a more aggressive corner tread. The center triangular tread provides optimal braking and acceleration traction along with a center cut out strip giving more edges and a faster center tread. Between the center and the side knobs there are a slightly more aggressive tread with cavity cut outs that increase the number of edges for grip and helps prevent mud and snow pack up on the tire. These same technologies are being used on a few fat bike tires in the market now or plan on being released next season.       


            I’ve been riding the Chronicle tire for about six months now in several different conditions ranging from Cycle Crossing racing in the fall, snow riding this winter and dirt single track this spring. I really enjoy riding these tires all season, and they have been holding up great. The tread allows it to be a great all season tires without being super aggressive which slows you down. As the 29+ tread grows, so will the tires options. I seen a couple more tires at frost bike this year, but still if you plan on riding with a 29+ set up, your choices for tires are still pretty limiting. With limiting options, it’s good that Maxxis created a great all season with the latest tire technology.


The Maxxis Chronicle Tubless 120 tpi version retails for $100 and the 60 tpi version retails for $75. Our Maxxis Chronicle's 120tpi tires came in at 1030 grams. Maxxis does not recommend using the 60 tpi version for tubeless set ups and would void any warranty. Visit our website to get your spring tires today!

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