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Long Term Review : Kenda Juggernaut Pro Tires

16 October, 2016

Late last fall the Juggernaut Pro tires became available for purchase. We got the chance to get some riding in on the dirt and then some light snow before winter came. If you missed our initial impressions check it out here! Since then we got to do some winter racing and now the spring dirt as well. With several of us at the shop and our team riders on them we have quite a few miles on these tires. 

George built up his custom Salsa Beargrease looking for a tough everyday trail bike, but wanted it to be light as well. He defiantly succeeded in that, with his Beargrease coming in at just over 19 pounds. He rode the Juggernaut pro's most of the winter and also did the classic Birkie Fat Bike race with these tires as well. While the Birkie trail is fully groomed, the Juggeranut's did lock up and hold there own out on the snow trail. George did report though that in local trails the Juggernauts did not perform well in soft new snow, which is to be expected from the lower tread knobs. 

I too switched from the non studded Dillinger 4 tires over to the Juggernaut tires for the summer. Swapping just the tires out I saved 1.7 pounds off rolling weight. I was skeptical of the tires at first, because of the cheaper price point, thinness of the sidewalls and the lower tread height. I was mostly concerned about auto steer and durability out on the trail. Those two things are probably what concerns most of us when we are looking at fat bike tires. Weight is one thing, but performance is the key factor.

On my first ride out on the trial, I ran about 11 psi, which would be a normal set up when riding out on the trail. I wanted to seal the bead and get a feel on how the tires were. I was taken surprise on how much faster these tires were out on the trail and the cornering excited my expectations. When hitting the corners hard the juggernauts hooked up really well with no wash out or hesitation. 

Getting out to ride some snow and mud I dropped the PSI to around 7-8 psi. This is where the Juggernauts don't do as well in performance. The tire does feel a bit sluggish and the tire compound is a bit to stiff to run this low of PSI. The Juggernaut tires at his pressure do have a bit crinkle feel to them when cornering or hitting obstacles out ridding. 

To sum it up the Juggernaut Pro tires do offer some incredible weight savings and offer the best performance with a harder psi when riding gravel or dirt in dry or mostly dry conditions. They hold up well when hitting rock gardens, roots and other obstacles. We had a lot of guys and gals out on these tires this summer and we seen very few problems with these tires. The Juggernaut Pro is a great 3 season tire that offers many benefits and comes with a better price range than other 3 season tires. 

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